From getting hired at your first department/organization, preparing for a promotion, instituting a mentor or coaching climate, to implementing a department succession plan, and the eventual retirement planning phase, The Fire Mentor has the services to help the individual or the whole agency succeed.

  • Hiring Process: Looking for the right agency to work for? Need guidance and direction on the Public Safety, Military, or private sector.
  • Promotional Processes: Getting prepared for the next step in your career. Or, is your agency wanting to hire out the next promotional process.
  • Mentoring Process: Need to have a mentor in your life? Or is your organization looking to institute a mentoring program but don’t know where to start.
  • Coaching: Training and developing personnel in your department, this can be for a formal or informal mentoring program, or prepping the future of your department.
  • Succession Planning: Every individual and department must prepare for the future, full spectrum succession planning available.
  • Retirement Planning: Start early, it’s never too early to plan for what is coming for all of us. You want to be financially, mentally, and physically ready to retire.