Online Interviews

In case you haven’t noticed we have a bit of a crisis worldwide and more people are staying home teleworking. Industry still must have employees, for you this is good news as many companies have transitioned to more online activities, this includes the hiring process which involves interviews.

Things are looking up as you made it past the selection process with your application and resume. Now that you have made it to step two, the company you are applying for wants to thin the heard a bit and narrow their focus on a few main candidates for their selection for hiring. You must now prepare for your oral interview; however, July of 2020 doesn’t look like July of 2019, most companies are conducing interviews via internet, this sometimes can be awkward and present a few challenges, let’s take a look.

Technology, let’s face it, even in today’s hi tech, 5G, multiple video platforms there are still issues with video conferencing. While there are many teleconference venues to choose from, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, Zoom etc…each one has it’s advantages and disadvantages. You as the interviewee must prepare for anything and everything that could go wrong. A few steps that can save you in the long run is to do a pre interview walk thru of your internet and video feed. Have a friend or relative log onto whatever platform you are going to use and see how the feed is, volume, even look at your backdrop of where you sit? If you are in a bedroom or kitchen you might consider tacking a white bedsheet up just to make your surroundings look neutral, the last thing you want behind you are college spring break photos for your interviewers to see. Also, keep in mind your background noise and atmosphere. While using online tech remember that your computer speaker is right next to the mic, a suggestion would be to put headphones on so you don’t have to have your volume cranked to 100, this will prevent feedback for your audience which they will appreciate greatly!

Dress, this is still very important! Just because you have been sitting at home in your jammies for the last three months or have grown out your Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead) apocalypse beard doesn’t mean you have to look that part. Take some time to put a fine touch on your appearance, put a coat and tie on or a business casual dress, I have even see interviewers joke around about seeing what shoes you have on to see how serious you were about preparing, they want to see if you take the same care and time online as you would in person.

Notes, take the time to prepare like any other interview. The advantage of online is that you can have these close by and refer to them during questions, this will help jog your memory and remember some finer questions you wanted to ask, just don’t read from your script or look at your phone during interviews, they can still see your eyes and what you are giving  your attention to.

Have a backup plan. Tech is still tech, based upon 1.21 gigawatts of things that could go wrong, it is wise to workout with your interview panel in advance what type of cell platform you will switch to if things go wrong.

The last thing you want is to blow the one opportunity you have to make a first impression by looking unkept or uninterested, not mentally prepared, or missing the interview altogether due to internet issues or bad communication between you and the interview panel. You may have to take extra time and preparations to have a successful flawless interview, but this is also what could set you apart from the pack of applicants being looked at.

So, in parting, remember to put your best foot forward always! I would love to hear your questions, comments or concerns, you can always contact me here at the Fire Mentor:

Stay safe and God Bless!!


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