Today’s Atmosphere

Today’s Atmosphere It is no surprise to anyone who has been awake for the last several months that we are living in interesting times! Whether you are fire, EMS, police, or even military you no doubt have been very busy, maybe confused, and possibly wondering about the future of your chosen profession. First things first, you chose your profession because of the love of the job, don’t forget this! You applied, you tested, you competed against other candidates that wanted the job as bad as you did, maybe more, and beat them out to get the prize. Second, you serve because it’s in your blood, if it wasn’t you would have quit or moved onto something else a long time ago, and really what else would you do, trust me when I say that when you leave the job whether it’s for retirement, medical, or something else you will miss it, you may even doubt yourself/feel guilty because the ride is over. Every day I wake up and wish I could go back to a few of those days and do them over, I still think I could keep up with the newer generation and give them a run for their money, but pass the baton. Third, you are part of the community whether you believe it or not. Don’t let others influence you on your calling. It does take supreme sacrifice to wake up every morning, put on the uniform, and serve. Trust me when I tell you the vast majority of people out there still are thankful to have you there when they pick up the phone, remember someone out there is having the worst day of their life when you show up, you swore an oath to serve and provide some type of care. So, in parting, remember everything is temporary, this too shall pass. You have to stay the course, maybe reach out to a friend, old colleague, or you can always contact me here at the Fire Mentor:  Stay safe and God Bless!! TFM

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