Back in the game

Once you’ve been in the fire service for years it’s in your blood if you truly love the job. I was recently approached by another interested individual about getting on the job and how to go about it. It really put the fire back in me (no pun intended!) to know there are people out there who just want to serve the public, go to calls, and make their community a better place to live.

So, from this point forward, The Fire Mentor is getting into the mentoring business full time. I want to share my experiences, some trade craft, and most of all experiences that I, and many like me, have endured for the fire service, my hope would be that you could deviate around the pitfalls, educate yourself, stay physically fit, then land the job of your dreams and be successful.

As this site gets built out, please stay tuned and pass along the good information to departments and individuals. We won’t just provide information on hiring, but promotions, specialty exploration such as Paramedic or tech rescue, how to handle personnel issues, personal coaching for career goals and so on.

If you have questions or comments I’m all ears!

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