-Keeping the fire After a long summer time sabbatical, The Fire Mentor is back!! I had a moment of rejuvenation, you ask why? There was a young man, not that young, but younger than me use this website to contact me about joining the fire service. The good news is this website and it’s intent does work! The real point of this post, is that the young person in question was really looking for information on how to join the fire service and get on the “job”. Many times in the fire service we get side tracked on budgets, projects, and metrics on how to measure our success or service delivery. These are all great things, but they sometimes snowball us into a lull in our chosen profession, I can clearly say that as a Fire Chief I can lose focus easily. Needless to say, I found it refreshing that this individual just wanted to be a firefighter, and was willing to train, attend any type of meeting, or even pay his own way to the local state academy to get hired. We talked at great lengths about area departments, pay, retirements, run volumes, manpower, and budgets. After that conversation we talked about the job, how cool and fun that was!! Just talking about the job, fires, old times and now current times, mixed with some technology in today’s fire service. I can’t wait for the next one to come in and ask questions, new or old, on the job already or wanting to get started, “Your either going to do this job or be great at it”!! Stephen McCaffery-Backdraft Stay safe and email me at: listening@thefirementor.net Visit: www.thefirementor.net

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