Make time to talk with your friends

One of my privileges as The Fire Mentor is to simply share experiences and enhance the physical , spiritual, and mental aspects of the aspiring firefighter and the existing professional.

Whether you are starting your career or you are many years into your chosen profession, it is important to build and keep relationships. When we start our careers at some type of training program we meet the most influential people to that point, instructors.  These people are who we look up to, ask questions, take orders from, and sometimes want to be like.  Then as we progress we find company officers or chief officers that inspire us or appear to have their lives and career in order.

The more and more I think about my experiences I realize how much these people influenced me. I truly enjoyed these relationships and the conversations I had with them. Keep these relationships as much as you can, even if you just catch up once a year, for example at FDIC which I attend every year, still make time to talk to these people.  If the best you can do is a phone call then do that, it will make you feel better, you can exchange ideas, these people can be great sounding boards.

Please feel free to comment on these blogs on how you keep relationships, or what is the best one to keep!!

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