Time for the Company Officer to prepare

– As we start a new week it’s time to focus on the current company officer and advancement. This can take many forms to include a promotion to a staff position like Training Officer or the next level company officer-Captain or even to Battalion Chief.

The first step in this process is to truly know what the job is at the next level, do your research!! We will concentrate on the staff position in this post.  The job posting should have all the minimum requirements needed, you should ensure you meet the minimums and hopefully you exceed the type of position you are looking at; i.e. Training Officer should have multiple instructor certifications or for arson multiple cause and origin or interviewing skills.

The next step is to look into the change in schedules and workload or lifestyle this will impose. This type of promotion is truly a life altering event!! If you have never left shift life this move will tug at your inner core and make you ask yourself if this is the right move or not?

Now that you’ve researched the position and the schedule change, it’s time to focus on preparing. A great place to start is with your professional career resume.   Do you have one? If you do when was the last time you looked at it? You don’t want to turn in a resume for a professional promotion and the last thing that was on there is from 3 years ago!!  Remember you are selling yourself and competing against others who want the position as bad as you do.

Mid-week post we will go over the other steps for preparation.

If anyone wants resume advice send an email to: listening@thefirementor.net

Also, check facebook: The Fire Mentor

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