Who do we work for?

It’s time for the mid-week update. Hopefully you have determined what kind of person you are and what it takes to pursue this profession or move forward in your career. This should not be a decision made lightly, as sometimes we forget who is really counting on us!!

As this is a site about mentoring, this is where we get to pass on information about our job to those wanting to start a career, move up in the profession, and return the favor to others.

So let’s revisit who we are working for: The public, not just the people in our community but all those traveling through our neighborhoods. We are working for our brother and sister firefighters, who constantly are counting on us to have their backs.  And finally we are working for our families, whether it’s a spouse, children, mother and father-they all expect us to do our jobs as safely and smartly as possible to ensure our return at the end of our shift!!

Email me at: listening@thefirementor.net

Visit on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thefirementor/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel


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