Advice for Fire Service Applicants

As I put a new post on The Fire Mentor Facebook page about applicants for getting on the “job”, please read the post below and then add to what applicants should prepare themselves for or add some words of wisdom!!!

Welcome to week 2. As this is a page about the Fire Service and Mentoring we are going to speak to those persons wanting to come into the greatest profession on earth!

So you want to get on the “job”. Let’s start with a few words of advice about the Fire Service and why are you seeking this career, because it’s not just a job!! Are you looking for a solid pay check and benefits, a job where you have a lot of time off, or a job where it looks like you get to sit around and watch TV all day???  If so, please go to another FB page or I can help you look for a different career path. The Fire Service is a calling not a job, “many are called, few are chosen”!!

If this better describes you or what you are seeking then let’s move forward: a self-starter, the need for little supervision, willing to get dirty (actually like getting dirty), having a 23 hour shift of training and admin duties followed by the last hour of high intensity high stress life changing calls, then stick around for tomorrow’s post!

The Fire Service Needs YOU!!!

I’m listening-The Fire Mentor


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